Product Demo

Watch our demo on how to use a Tidy Tot, which is sure to make every mommy’s life so much easier!

Parents! We all know what its like having children don’t we? The constant battle keeping their toys tidy and lets be honest, none of us enjoy the back breaking job of picking up and putting away the assortment of Lego, Building blocks, Dolls (and their accessories…of course), Toy Cars and Teddy Bears that are left scattered all over the floor on a daily basis…or as we at “TIDY TOT” H.Q like to call it “toy chaos”. Well moms (and dads) id like you to join me in breathing a collective sigh of relief. No more tripping over Trucks or stubbing of toes! Say goodbye to hours spent tidying up toys and clumsy Toy Boxes and say hello to “TIDY TOT” (The original)

With its new and innovative design “the play mat thats a toy bag” is the quick n easy solution to your little ones toy chaos. Locally made using lightweight cotton and poly-cotton fabrics and now PADDED for your babies/kids comfort we cater to ALL ages, tastes and nurseries with our variety of CLASSIC and CHIC colours and designs. From Spongebob to Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh to Spiderman, our super duper CHARACTER designs are sure to keep any playing child smiling. (Pssst…we even have SPORTY ones like Sharks, Stormers and Blue Bulls for Daddy’s little “Rugger Bugger’). Simple n easy to use you’ll have all your Tots Toys Tidied up and stored away quicker then you can say, “TIDY TOT”.

LAY IT OUT, PLAY ON IT, DRAW UP THE CORDS and STORE IT. Throw it under the bed, hang it behind the door or toss it in the boot of the car to keep the kids entertained “when you get to where you’re going”. A super prezzie for young moms and those expecting, great for home, convenient for travelling and SO easy to use, “TIDY TOT” is practical, durable and simple to wash. We’ve also found with every wash the material becomes softer and the bag draws up even easier! Not only is it great for keeping your “bundle of joys” bundle of toys tidy but its also great for CLEANING their bits of lego, building blocks, stuffed toys etc that tend to get a bit grubby! ¬†Simply chuck em all in the “Tidy Tot”, tie the cords into a knot n throw it in the washing machine. Voila! Nice clean toys! And finally it provides a super comfy surface for changing baby’s nappy, PERFECT for mommies and daddies “on the go”.

Order your ‘TIDY TOT” now by simply going into our online shop and choosing the design you want! We appreciate there are quite a few to choose from which can make it pretty confusing deciding which one of our fab designs you think will best suit the look of your nursery, child’s age group and so on, so we’ve broken them down into, CLASSIC, CHIC, CHARACTER and SPORTY. Please note most of out Tidy Tots are 110cm in circumference, we find this size to be more than adequate however for those parents who have lots of kids with lots of toys and want bigger, there are a few designs that come in 150cm only and 1 or 2 that come in both sizes. ALSO if you see one you like is out of stock don’t worry, simply contact us at, let us know which one you’re after and we’ll do our best to source the material and make it for you. Once you’ve chosen your “TIDY TOT’ proceed to “check out” and select your preferred method of payment and delivery. You will then be sent a confirmation email to let you know we’ve received your order/payment and in just a few days you’ll be in possession of your very own, brand new “TIDY TOT”. We deliver to most areas but for more info please check out our “delivery” section.

“TIDY TOT”….”the quick n easy way to tidy after play”. ENJOY !